Q- If i have to wait for my Car to arrive, will I be billed for my waiting Time?

Our Customers are privileged to Free waiting Time according to what Type of Service they have selected. Our Operators checking All Flights ETA’s (for delays or earlier arrivals).
Home – receive 20 minutes free
Office – receive 20 minutes free
Airports – Call as soon you get your laguages.. on domestic and on international flights.
Stadium- receive 30 minutes

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How will I know when my car has arrived and who is my Driver?

Your uniformed Driver (suite and tie) will be holding a Sign containing your Name, which will make it easier for you to find him. The “meet and greet” is a Great Way to be Welcomed by Our Company .

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What Type of Vehicles may I expect? ?

All Our Cars are New Models. Luxury Sedans are either a Lincoln Town Car & Chevy Suburban available in Black and Light colors Stretch Limousines – Models are only Lincoln town cars, Vans Passengers 10/15 Passengers, Mini-Bus 20 To 25 Passengers, Mercedes Luxury S550, included in the limo is TV, VCR and CD P.

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Globalcityride inc offer corporate and personal open billed accounts?

Yes, We Glad to provide billed credit accounts to qualified customers. To start an open account, customers will be asked to complete a Corporate Profile Upon approval of the application, we can bill your Monthly charges.cc .

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How far in advance should I make my reservation?

Globalcityride will take Reservations up to a year in Advance. When you know the Date and Time of your Travel, Special Event or Celebration, Contact Our Reservation Associate who will assist you. Customers should be prepared to pay for the Service at the Time of Reservation.

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What is your Standard Cancellation Policy?

Sedan, Van and SUV – 2 Hours Prior to Pick up Time For Local Transfer and Point to Point with 15 Miles.. Bus, Stretchs Limo – 48 hours Prior to Pickup Time. Mercedes S550 72 Hours.

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What is your Special Event cancellation policy?

Special Events include Prom Season, College/FL Game ,Baseball , New Years Eve, Concerts and Sporting Events. Cancellation Policy for Special Events is 1 Week prior to the Pickup Time on the Day of the Event. This Policy is in effect for all Vehicles .

What if I am unable to arrive in time for a reservation “N0 Shows” ?

ALL No Shows will be charged full Rate. To avoid being charged you must: 1. Call 617-888-8542 so that one of our Dispatchers can get in touch with the Driver and help you to Locate each other. or Email in the Event your Plans or Flight have been changed.

Limo Stading Curbside meeting driver y : ?

Terminal: B, B2 Our Drivers will meet you on the Lower Level at the Limo Stand All passengers should meet at the Terminal Parking Garage.most curbside lane with a name sign on passenger window. You Must call us Before coming out of terminal, at 617-888-8542 Please use the exit at the baggage claim area for your arriving flight. Terminal A, E Our driver will meet you outside Custom the Lower level at the limo Stand with a name sign.on Passenger Window. Please call 617-888-8542 if your Travel Plans change or if you miss your Flight so that our 24-hour Operators can modify your Reservation. If you do not see your Driver at the designated Baggage Area or meeting Place, call our Dispatchers can locate your Driver and tell him where you are .

Agreement And Liability : ?

Client agrees that there will be no smoking in our vehicles. Client assures that no illegal Drugs are brought into our Vehicles. Client is not allowed Alcoholic beverages in our Cars. Client agrees that the Passengers capacity of Vehicle provided shall not be exceeded. In case of misconduct by your Party. Chauffeurs has the Right to terminate this Agreement without Refunds. Client holds Driver harmless and not liable for any Personal or Material Damages arising from the Conduct of his/her Party. Client is responsible for the Full Payment of any Overtime Charges, beyond the original Agreement Car service Job Client can Cancel 1 Hours before Pick up Time ..Globalcityride cannot be held responsible for Mechanical Problems, inclement Weather, or other uncontrollable Circumstances resulting in the inability to start a Job as it is Schedule Time or complete a Job.

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